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We focus on strategic planning and company growth. We’ve developed some unique strategies for expanding businesses while giving back to the community. We also have very flexible and out of the box compensation packages. Often times, our services do not cost the client up-front or out-of-pocket compensation.

Who Should Contact Us

  • ✅ Decision makers in organizations or department heads
  • ✅ Business owners that would like to find ways of making money and expanding their businesses while causing  greatness by mentoring the next generation to live with excellence and cultivate future leaders and thus nurture successful families careers and communities.
  • ✅ Business owners / decision makers that are open to unconventional ideas.
  • ✅ Sole practitioners looking to expand; doctors, lawyers, engineers, photographers, interior designers, architects, self-employed people, fitness trainers, mortgage brokers / loan officers, web designers, IT people, home inspectors, massage therapists, chiropractors, insurance brokers, PR people, independent financial advisors, arts and crafts people (candles &, soap makers, etc…), event planners, djs, caterers, bookkeepers, accountants, merchant services, independent title companies,
  • ✅ Anyone in “the trades” looking to grow their business (e.g., mechanics, contractors, landscapers, roofers,  gutters, stonemasons, carpet cleaning,  electricians, independent HVAC people, flooring people, tree services, excavators, telecommunication people).
  • ✅ People that are working for a company but are considering going out on their own.

Top Problems We Solve

Often times companies are so stretched and people are wearing too many hats that they don’t make the time to put together a strategic plan so that they can operate with focus rather than out of reaction. Expansion and cashflow.

Our Ideal Referral Partners

Any business owner or decision maker. Professionals that works with business owners and decision makers. IT professionals, attorneys, web or graphic designers, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners, Etc…

Top Product(s)/Service(s): Strategic planning, apprenticeship / educational programming

We are pleased to meet with our clients at their location or any one of our locations.

Processes & Procedures

Сompanies that thrive are process oriented. Processes and procedures are important for the following reasons:

  • They insure greater consistency in the quality of work
  • They utilize “best practices” in job performance
  • New staff members are quickly and easily oriented to their job
  • They add professionalism to the entire organization

Too often, getting around to this level of detail falls between the cracks. We will ask the right questions and provide a framework for mapping out solid processes and procedures for your business.

We Will Find a Right Way For Your Company’s Growth and Help You Reach an Entirely New Market! Make your business grow today! Questions? Comments? Want to know more? Here’s how to get in touch with us: Contact Us
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